Long absence

There’s something wrong with my WordPress (or my Mac) and I have 0 technical skills, so I’m trying from my phone. My long absence is due to a long sick period- the flue followed by throat infection and a general indisposition- as well as a “fuck the world” attitude on account of this 5 months’ winter! I’m not kidding you! 5 months and it’s not yet over! 😫🙈 Apparently this weekend is getting cold again, but I don’t care, since I’m escaping to Amsterdam and then Romania for the Protestant Easter. And maybe NY or Fuerteventura in May!

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Day Off

There’s nothing I like more than waking up early on a day off, especially if it’s on a Monday. The promise of a long day, doing what I like instead of what needs to be done is  not really descriptive of today, since I have a couple of translations to take care of and a lunch date, too. Still, I get to drink as much coffee as I want in my dressing gown, a wool blanket on my feet, listening to the rain drops outside.

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A Lovely May Day

I love long weekends and May is full of them! This Monday was Pentecost and we had nice weather, so we went on a walk with our dear Sammy. They say this May is the coldest in some years (I forget how many, Norway is all about weather records as it is!), so I put on way too many clothes, just to find out I didn´t actually need a sweater and a wool scarf, a cotton one would have  done just fine. 😉


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February started with a pang- a whole Saturday of training for the my oral examination in order to become a certified interpreter. We were three Romanian interpreters, two role-players and a certified English interpreter who volunteered to help us. It was really tough and I have to admit I had to swallow my pride a little bit at the end of the session. Everybody has stuff that need working on, but one never likes being reminded of that.

Sunday I was so beat I couldn´t lift a finger. I had to take a nap for a couple hours after waking up because everything was blurry and I was feeling both nauseous and dizzy. I was so exhausted I almost got worried, but today I was ready to resume my normal life course.

I had a day off and although I spent most of it on accountancy, I got to enjoy the rays of sun piercing through our window. And so did our cat. He was so happy observing the birds outside, probably sensing spring in the air, he wouldn´t move for ages, eating some leaves from my favorite plant (that makes him throw up) and warming himself up.

In the afternoon a friend dropped by for coffee and we found ourselves reminiscing about our youth over a biscuit or two. I´m now making mousakka ´cause I need to get rid of all those organic potatoes and eggplants. Meanwhile, I´m sipping some wine and looking forward to Californication. 😉 Have a lovely week!

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