Heia! How have you been? I´ve been running around these couple of days, between jobs, friends and home and my whole body hurts as though I´d been working with my back! Besides buying groceries and taking Sam out once out of three times, I haven´t done that much, but working as an interpreter sure takes its toll on me. After a 9 hours´ day, I usually fall half-dead on the couch and watch Hbo with V. (we´re on Brotherhood now and we love it!)

Today was not as busy however, so I managed to squeeze in a long awaited coffee with a friend of mine and Sam. We sat outside with our necks stretched towards the sun (while Sam was hiding under the bench) and I almost had a heat stroke, I swear! But it felt amazing, after all these cold days, when winter seemed to be never-ending, you need a bit of sun to feel alive again!

Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset

Later on, it was time for a beer with V, but not before another hour of interpreting. (Luckily, the Penitentiary is right around the corner from our apartment!) It really felt like a date, although we stayed in the neighbourhood, we giggled and laughed and had the best of times! While getting a little sun on our faces. 😉

I´ve also payed a lot of bills, which felt incredibly good since I´d been waiting for a pay check since April and now we´re almost in JUNE! (Not fun, not fun at all. But now I feel 10 pounds lighter!)

This week is all about running around and so I´m trying to prepare myself by getting a good night´s sleep (who am I kidding? It´s almost 12 pm, I´ve had a whole pot of black tea and I´m wide awake!) and maybe read a bit in bed. I´m still on Morometii, unfortunately the commies have come to power and the book is not as funny anymore.

PS. Missing this little lady.


xxx, Alina

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