Once in a while I get to travel in my work and this time the trip went to Trondheim. Although I´d been here before, last time was a brief weekend visit two years ago and before that I was a student mainly concerned with shopping and partying, so I can´t say I´d seen the city properly before. This time Vuong came along to keep me company and check out shops to place his products in, so I was in luck! Otherwise I would have most probably eaten i my hotel room and spent most of my afternoon napping. 😉 Remember I´m a napper?


We arrived last night and although I felt like going straight to bed, I managed to pull myself up to go for an evening stroll and a bite somewhere around our hotel. We stayed at Scandic, not a very stylish place, but a clean and friendly accommodation. Everything else was packed for these dates, turns out they have a Fishing Fair and people come from far up North to participate. What can I say? They´re a loud and happy crowd! Don´t get me wrong, I usually hate grown-ups getting pissed and singing in the streets, but since this was a getaway, I didn´t see it quite like that, it seemed a bit exotic, even. 😉 We had dinner at San Sebastian, they serve lovely tapas and it goes well with Prosecco!;-)

Today I spent most of my day in court, chatted with my friend and colleague every time we had the chance and had lunch in a cute little sushi place in one of the shopping malls nearby. After work we went to Tulla Fischer for pre-dinner drinks and a mussel soup. O my God, I´ve sinned so much these two days! Patatas bravas, French fries to go with the soup, even had sweets for no reason. (meaning I wasn´t celebrating, nor had PMS and it wasn´t weekend, either!) Oops! Promise to go back to a light low carb as soon as we get home! Too bad we´re leaving for Santorini on Saturday, I´m not sure I´ll be able to keep away from Caipirinhas!;-)

After a stroll in town, I stumbled upon the world´s most pricy silk shirt (although it was on sale), of course I only found out it was that expensive at the counter and considered it too late to back off. 😉 Finally in our hotel room, we fell asleep like babies and woke up too late to go out for dinner. Luckily, it was raining cats and dogs, so we didn´t have to feel bad about it. Ordering pizza now (oops again!) and hoping I´ll be done interpreting just in time for lunch tomorrow ´cause there are so many nice places we haven´t checked out yet!










Stay tuned! xxx, Alina


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