I’m out of town for a couple of days, this time in Kristiansand. It’s a pretty town in Southern Norway and although I haven’t gotten the chance to see much of it, what I’ve seen so far is pretty promising. My friend Svetla, who’d been here recently, urged me to book a room at the new Scandic hotel, by the “city beach”. Although this meant walking to the courthouse for a whole 5 minutes (and I’m incredibly lazy in the morning!), I reckoned it would probably do me good to have nice surroundings, a view and a spa on top of that! skjermbilde-2017-03-02-22-33-21

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Once in a while I get to travel in my work and this time the trip went to Trondheim. Although I´d been here before, last time was a brief weekend visit two years ago and before that I was a student mainly concerned with shopping and partying, so I can´t say I´d seen the city properly before. This time Vuong came along to keep me company and check out shops to place his products in, so I was in luck! Otherwise I would have most probably eaten i my hotel room and spent most of my afternoon napping. 😉 Remember I´m a napper?


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A busy week comes to an end

What do you reckon? It´s Friday again! Or Friday at last! Whichever one suits you!

I for one am very happy it´s nearly weekend and Valentine´s day on top of it, maybe thanks to the glass of wine and the flowers I bought myself, but I´m not so romantic anyway, so I don´t mind.:-) I´m done with translating the silly Work and Work Place Protection brochure, I´m done traveling for a week or so, happy to be at home with man and pets, not needing to check in or check out, catch any planes or any trains. And it´s just where I want to be. We´re celebrating Valentine´s with Sam´s girlfriend and her parents, who live just down the street, dining and wining.

During the course of the weekend I need to finish some boring accountancy stuff, but first and foremost get lazy with the pets, drink lots of coffee, see a friend or two and take many naps. Haha! Just by reading that I realize I sound like a granny, in fact I used to be teased with that at my former work place, just because I like silk scarves and 60s cut. 😉

I hope you have a lovely day, whether you celebrate Valentine´s or not! And now a couple of pictures from my last days´wandering.

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