American Pancakes and a Stroll in the Park

IMG_7242Sunday equals brunch and what better way to start your day than with an all American feast? We met my friend Kristin, her American husband and their two kids at Café Fedora in Frogner and had one of the yummiest brunches of all times! The long way there with an over-excited Sammy toggling along was worth it, even though the café itself is no big deal in terms of decor or cosiness (which score a lot of points with me). The service is friendly (Sam even got some bacon!), the coffee is good and the food is authentic, or so they say since I haven´t been to the US yet. 😉

IMG_7252Niklas is having some French toast and apple juice. Yummy, he answers between bites. IMG_7247

My plate- loved the pancakes with maple syrup and bacon, but didn´t feel scrambled eggs fit in at all, so they stayed untouched. I´m no huge fan of eggs and I prefer sweet breakfasts. IMG_7246

Adam is having a pancake, too. Needs a little help, but he´s just as excited as the rest of us.



Breakfast burritos for the other adults, bet they were delicious, if you´re into eggs! 😉 IMG_7251




After such a copious meal we felt it was a good idea to walk for a while, so we headed towards Frognerparken. Lots of beautiful mansions and rusty trees on our way there.











The park was like balm to our senses, the air was crisp and yet still warm, the colours were soothing and there was lots of free space to run for both children and dogs. IMG_7297


Found me a tennis ball just outside the tennis court! So happy!


Met a cutie, 3 months old retriever. Melted right there!IMG_7321

Frognerparken is known for the Vigeland sculptures and yesterday they looked truly amazing!

IMG_7329My baby was so thirsty he dove into a fountain head first! haha! Being too embarrassed to drink afterwards, since the fountain was deep, we found another solution. 😉

Perfect Sunday.

xxx, Alina

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