Xmas treats: Biscotti

Hi, peeps! How you’re doing? I’ve started my Xmas preparations as of yesterday and I thought I should share some recipes with you. I haven’t got around to decorating that much, although I did buy a tiny weeny potted tree, red tulips and some red berry branches. Thought I’d fix the rest this week- buy some amaryllis (if the bf’s not allergic to them), fetch the decoration box from the cellar and do the rest of my baking. But for now, here’s the biscotti recipe:_MG_0059.jpg Continue reading

Espresso biscotti

This is one of my holiday speciality, I usually bake them for Christmas and every once in a while for Easter. I stumbled upon the recipe in a Danish food and lifestyle magazine- Mad og bolig – some years ago, and I´ve been making them ever since. It´s like it usually is with biscotti, you either love them, or you can´t get what the fuss is about. My family and some of my Romanian friends find them hard to chew, luckily many other friends usually lick their fingers. 😉 My husband´s ex-boss used to like them so much she “ordered” them one December as nibbling snacks for the shop´s employees.


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