Glorious spring

Yesterday was a marvelous day and the minute I woke up I decided to be happy. Actually, the whole city was set on enjoying the sun, I would later discover.  I started my day with a morning walk with Sam, picked some spring flowers on our way back and had a joyous egg and bacon breakfast with my man.

Later on I took Sammy with me to the marina, Aker Brygge, where we met some friends for coffee. The combination of many dogs that can´t sniff on each other and play, lots of people and nothing to chew on was bad, so we ended up victims of Sam´s discontent, he barked and barked and barked some more. But the weather was great and so was the coffee and Sam had a bath in the sea and chewed on our coffee cups when empty, so my idea of a city walk instead of the forrest hadn´t been that bad after all.

Today is another amazing day, so we´ll be heading for the woods and have Sunday porridge at Frognerseteren. I´m so excited I can´t wait! D-vitamin and sun on my winter pale skin! 😉 Have a great Sunday, everyone!

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