Almost there

Hi, peeps, what have you been up to lately? 😉 This week I rented my apartment to a Marketing School and they’ve been filming something so loud that my neighbours were asking if I had a Swingers party in there. Haha! Can you even imagine?

So we’re staying at F’s and we have a balcony! Yesterday we even got half an hour of sunshine on our faces while sipping some beer. Sam is mostly outside, he even stayed on the flower bed while it was snowing, I don’t know why I’m even surprised, he’s a regular polar dog! 😉18119140_10154472846556711_8736417919968492456_n Continue reading

Walk in the woods

Today was a perfect fall day- sunshine, crisp air and not a gust of wind. I was home early and what better to do than take my Sammy to the woods. We Oslo people are very lucky to have nature just outside the city center, the only thing you need to do is  get on a subway and in half an hour you´ll be in the forrest.  So we went to Frogneseteren today, where we had a fabulous time bonding and breathing in fresh air. Sammy was besides himself with joy, he bathed and grazed and barked at the trees out of joy. For my part, the best of it all was the sour cream porridge and the muffin I could get in the café. And the bonus was to be able to enjoy it outside in the sun.


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Sam the samoyed

A friend of mine asked me to write an entry on Sam, the sweetest dog in the whole world, who came into our lives in February this year. I already showed you a couple of pictures with the biggest white fluff ever, but I guess he deserves a whole bunch more.

I grew up with cats at my grandma´s,  so I´ve always been a cat person. When I moved to a house with my parents in ´97 we got Jackie, a German Shepard puppy. He was adorable, he couldn´t even hold his ears straight when my dad brought him home. We were great buddies for a couple of years, but somehow he stopped liking me when I moved away. The first chance he got, I was home for a weekend, he bit me in the face. No permanent damage done, it was probably just a warning. And I still like dogs, I just have difficulties trusting big ones.

For a while- 9 years- we had two cats, but last year we had to put one of them to sleep due to kidney failure. It was awfully sad, both for us and for the other cat. Little by little, I started yearning for a puppy. We´d been talking about it for at least a couple of years, but we were always afraid we´re not sporty or disciplined enough. We agreed we should get a puppy when I´d be back from an extensive trial in Bergen and one day before the trial I was told it was off. So we started searching for puppies on the internet. We were interested in samoyed, chow chow or akita. Then we found Sam and it was love at first sight! He looked like a seal puppy, not at all like a dog, but he was the cutest thing we´d ever seen in our lives! And he´s been such a blessing. I´ve never met a more gentle being. He´s playful and sweet, friends with the cat and with everyone he meets. Introducing you to Sam the samoyed, aka Samululu!

Little Sam

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