Getting by

Hi, how are y’all? Thank you for hanging in there with me, I´ve been pretty emotional on the blog lately, haven´t I? I can´t wait for the day when I´ll feel up to writing about pretty dresses and pretty shoes again, I tell ya! I´m not there yet, though. 😉 It´s still a bumpy road here, although most days are good now and not the other way around. 12788635_10153418545161711_1853126790_o

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Everyday life takes its toll on me again,

I try to keep busy

So I don´t have to think

About anything big.


It´s fairly predictable, this being alone thing

I do the same stuff, mostly

I walk the dog

I avoid the kitchen

And I play loud music

So as not to hear my own thoughts.


But they´re so piercing and so insistent

And they´re so reproaching, too.

They follow me around everywhere

“Please, let me be!”

“No, we´re not through with you

You need to listen!”


Then I push the head phones

In my ears, until they hurt-

It reminds me of when I stuffed my nose

Full of corn, as a child

And it´s soothing.


Tomorrow I´ll be fine.

I´ll think of something

I´ll keep away from the kitchen

And won´t spill any water all over the sink.


December 2015



Armenian Genocide

This year the world commemorates a hundred years since the Armenians were systematically killed or driven to their death by the Ottoman Empire. Along with Holocaust and the Rwandan genocide, the Armenian massacre has been recognized as one of the worst crimes against humanity in the 20th century.

We have a close friend from Armenia who offered us tickets to a concert in the central church- Oslo Domkirke. The national philharmonic of Yerevan held a wonderful performance in remembrance of the victims and their descendants, inviting people all over the world to reunite in thought and in spirit for the Armenian cause.

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Living is easy

Although this is not always true and we stumble and fall more often than we can pick ourselves up, it should be summer´s general rule. Less clothes, less work, more spare time to do whatever we enjoy most, eat lighter, drink more, you name it!;-)

These days have been strange for my part, without needing to go into details. Today however I feel better than in a very long time. My thoughts feel clearer and I can breathe without restraints. I´m listening to the feel-good `Smart is the New Sexy´playlist on Spotify, drinking green tea, the cat purring beside me and life is simply good.

I´ve been dieting on low-carb for 9 days now and I´ve lost 3 kg, my skin hasn´t been this radiant in ages and I feel fit. 3-4 more kg to go and I can start eating what I want again, as long as I work out and stay away from buns and tarts on a regular basis.

We´ve been having amazing weather, although a bit too hot if one works or is too lazy to go to the beach. 😉 We went to the beach twice, though and it was so much fun for the dogs! I realized I´ve become a bit of a chicken, couldn´t bring myself to swim although the water must have been 19-21 degrees. Brr! Otherwise I can’t wait for Santorini, 5 weeks to go! Three more weeks of general staff holiday, better hurry and enjoy it! Prosecco is still on my list of groceries, even though I´m on low-carb!;-) haha! Have a lovely week!

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