I’m back from Easter break and getting ready for the Orthodox Easter now, in fact I haven’t done a single thing about it, but I still have tomorrow to dye some eggs and make Pasca, the traditional Easter cake I hadn’t even tasted until I started making it myself. Haha!IMG_8022

But let me tell you a bit more about Helsinki and its people, not to mention its attractions. 😉 If you’ve been following for a while, you’ll know I’m more of a hedonistic people watcher and wine drinker than a museum gal, but having an art lover architect as your partner changes your perspectives a bit. So after 4 days, we could check most interesting landmarks off our list- Chiasma- the modern art museum, The Design Museum, The Rock Church, the Silence Chapel and the white Cathedral. All very beautiful and very inspiring, I have to admit.


And meanwhile I got to take snap shots of all the lovely people that came my way wondering around or having coffee, skating and sunbathing. If you haven’t lived in a country with bad weather and long winters, you won’t understand this sun worshiping  that characterizes Nordic people. But for me, it’s gotten to be the normal- find a spot in the sun, close your eyes, be happy.


The downside about visiting Helsinki at Easter was that most interesting shops were closed, in fact, not a single antique and second hand store was open, to my despair. It almost felt like we needed to come back just to try out the rest of the venues and do some shopping.


The food was beyond our expectations, we didn’t have a single meal that was anything else than good and most of them were exquisite. I’d recommend YES YES YES  ,  a stylish restaurant with vegan food and amazing drinks (even the non-alchoholic ones were yummy!)  and Gaijin for fusion Asian courses- we chose a 7 courses dinner. Otherwise there are tons of places that serve way over average meals, they’re particularly good on vegetarian food. 😉


Find a café in the sun, sip some americano, visit Marimekko and Iitala (get yourself the bowls I was persuaded not to buy) and enjoy the scenery. Contrary to what I was made to believe from their movies, Finns are not sour and can be quite chatty, too. 😉


Last, but not least, let yourself be inspired. By the colors, by their carefreeness , by their sense of style. Long live the Finns!


xxx, Alina


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