Armenian Genocide

This year the world commemorates a hundred years since the Armenians were systematically killed or driven to their death by the Ottoman Empire. Along with Holocaust and the Rwandan genocide, the Armenian massacre has been recognized as one of the worst crimes against humanity in the 20th century.

We have a close friend from Armenia who offered us tickets to a concert in the central church- Oslo Domkirke. The national philharmonic of Yerevan held a wonderful performance in remembrance of the victims and their descendants, inviting people all over the world to reunite in thought and in spirit for the Armenian cause.

The music was fantastic and so was the atmosphere. I was moved to tears and felt like traveling to Armenia to see how these people rose up and kept their head high after all that happened to them throughout history. I know it´s a small thought in the world we live in today, with more killings and massacres than one has the energy to register on one´s radar, but it all starts as a thought..

Check out what the Armenian diaspora has in store for you in your home town, you won´t be disappointed.

XXX, Alina

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