Getting by

Hi, how are y’all? Thank you for hanging in there with me, I´ve been pretty emotional on the blog lately, haven´t I? I can´t wait for the day when I´ll feel up to writing about pretty dresses and pretty shoes again, I tell ya! I´m not there yet, though. 😉 It´s still a bumpy road here, although most days are good now and not the other way around. 12788635_10153418545161711_1853126790_o

I go to therapy, I write as therapy, I cuddle with my boys (Sam and Beo), I drink coffee until I shake, I work when there´s work and I lay in bed for an obscene amount of hours, trying to sooth my guilt and grief with music and plans for the future. Today I´m listening to Lotte Kestner, Ane Brun, Jolie Holland and Anais Mitchell. Other days it´s stuff from my adolescence, too cheesy to share with the world. 😉 haha! Do you have that, too? Guilty pleasures in terms of music? (like Notorious BIG, Brandy and Ginuwine) 😉 haha!10650404_10153423177901711_108401985_oWinter is back and it tires the hell out of me. I have no love left for it and no, I´m not learning to ski this year, either, I decided divas don´t go skiing and that´s that. 😉 So there.12788868_10153421527016711_1249725046_oBeen eating lots of crap lately, so I´m trying  to squeeze in fruit to stay in shape, this one is quince and reminds me of the mother country so bad I want to book a flight ASAP. I´ll probably be in Bucharest for Orthodox Easter, maybe we can meet up InOrasulTrist and Andra? 😉 12776813_10153417658196711_1276238748_oWe´re sharing Sam and it´s difficult in the sense that I miss him all the time when he´s not with me and when he is it´s really demanding to manage to walk him three times a day and have a life, too. Not to mention my working hours are killing me, I´m at home 6-7 pm some days and I don´t know what to do first- grab smth to eat, walk Sammy, take a shower or just crash on the couch. The feeling of letting myself go is very strong, but I resist it, every single day, ’cause there´s nobody there to pick me up, I need to do it myself.  (sigh!)12787034_10153415923281711_754695179_oThere is someone new in the picture, though, and that makes things a lot brighter. It´s such a lovely feeling and it doesn´t scare me anymore, so I´m on the right track, I guess. 12787132_10153421690956711_1359334320_o12776817_10153419500376711_1505586589_oMight take a trip to France for the Norwegian Easter, but since I´m not on top of things financially speaking yet, I can´t plan that far ahead. (3 weeks) haha! 😉 12788843_10153421691011711_673707715_oI’ll let you admire my baby on the snow covered streets of my neighbourhood. He´s such a darling! Have a woofie good day! 😉

xxx, Alina

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