Like you love me

Kiss me like you love me

Is my favourite line nowadays

It works, but then it doesn´t.


I want you to see me for my soul

Not this pretty shell

Love my nakedness, baby

I don´t want to grow a skin.


I should learn how to be by myself

Shouldn´t be hard

I kind of like being alone

It´s just me I´m not sure that I like.


January 2016




Everyday life takes its toll on me again,

I try to keep busy

So I don´t have to think

About anything big.


It´s fairly predictable, this being alone thing

I do the same stuff, mostly

I walk the dog

I avoid the kitchen

And I play loud music

So as not to hear my own thoughts.


But they´re so piercing and so insistent

And they´re so reproaching, too.

They follow me around everywhere

“Please, let me be!”

“No, we´re not through with you

You need to listen!”


Then I push the head phones

In my ears, until they hurt-

It reminds me of when I stuffed my nose

Full of corn, as a child

And it´s soothing.


Tomorrow I´ll be fine.

I´ll think of something

I´ll keep away from the kitchen

And won´t spill any water all over the sink.


December 2015