Walk with my Best Bud, Sam

Yesterday I worked for 14 hours straight, including traveling hours and believe me, they were work! Sitting in front of two chatty teen-agers on the train is no fun when your head is throbbing with pain and all you want to do is get some sleep! I did get to wolf down a burrito and a beer with some friends, though, before heading home to sleep for 10 hours on end. The upside is I woke up before 8 today! 😉 Meaning I had lots of time to unwind before embarking on an adventure in the woods with my bud, Sammy boy. 😉 The weather was gorgeous, as you can see, the snow was melting and my influenza is finally giving me a rest. IMG_1531 Continue reading

Christmas Day

I hope you had a lovely Christmas Eve and that Santa was good to all of you out there. We had an amazing day, ate a lot of wonderful food and got cuddles galore from our pets. We had a walk after our nap and although “only” minus 5, it was freezing cold out there! Luckily we could slide on a frozen lake for a bit of fun and Sammy was in heaven!

For dinner we had lobster mayo (and no, I didn´t kill the poor thing myself, it came already boiled!), duck breast with Brussel sprouts, orange sauce, my famous mashed potatoes and a quick chocolate mousse for desert. We never got around to the desert,  way too stuffed by then! I´ll be sure to post a couple of posts on Christmas food the coming days.

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Monday again

This weekend has been a bit overshadowed by the fact that I´m working out of town this week. Not only is it an ugly trial, but I´m living in a small town with literally nothing to do after hours. I was hoping to do a bit of reading, but taking my laptop with me was uninspired, there´s so much on the mighty internet more alluring than Shishkin. I really don´t like Shishkin, the way I don´t like many of the contemporary writers that everybody else is so crazy about! Makes me wonder if there´s something wrong with me. I just don´t buy anything beyond reason, call me sad, but I really don´t. I need people to stick to whatever normal people do and feel and books to depict just that. Surreal is no good in my book. Does it make sense?

Anyway. This weekend was uneventful, but cosy, we had lovely weather and took our mandatory trip to the woods with a happy Sam, made some good food and watched a lot of Netflix. On Sunday it was time to be urban, take Sammy to the Botanical garden and have coffee with friends in lively Grunnerløkka. He´s such a sociable soul, he loves being outside with us and our friends, even if that only means sitting beside us and barking at the passing dogs. 😉

Last night I arrived at my hotel at 11:30 pm, so there was no time for sightseeing. Today was a splendid day, the court room was spacious and had thousands of windows overlooking the sun and I literally died in my cashmere sweater in our little interpreting box! (but it was from Paris!!) No time for much sightseeing today either, although I did spot the city center walking back to the hotel. By the time I´d lunched on a nice sunny terrace, all the shops were closed. The whole town seemed to have gone to sleep, it was so depressing I went in for a nap myself. It seems I should be done here by Wednesday, so I might as well try to enjoy tomorrow as much as I can. Maybe I´ll get a haircut and a massage. Or maybe I´ll just buy a sandwich and soak up the sun. 😉

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Hiking with Sammy

You´re probably fed up with my baby boy by now. Well, that´s too bad! `Cause I love him so much I don´t care to write of nothing else today. 😉 We went on a small hiking trip, you see, so I need to brag a bit about it, since I´m such a lazy wanna-be diva on a regular basis. 😉 haha! I had a coffee date with a good friend of mine I don´t get to see as often as I´d like to, so I suggested we should go for a walk in the forrest and get our coffee on the top of the hill, at Frognerseteren, an imposing café where you would meet you grandma for lunch a while ago, but that´s managed the transition between tradition and innovation well. So we talked and Sam ran and bathed and chewed on sticks and ran some more, we lost our way and we found it again and in the end we were on top of the hill savoring a cup of coffee with cream porridge (because I´m halfway back on my low-carb diet and I don´t want to turn into a heath freak!).

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Sunday walk

On a sunny day, Oslo is the best thing you could ever wish for! We have the forrest just a tube ride away, the marina downtown and lots of cafés around. Besides, going out to enjoy the sun and get some D-vitamin is mandatory. Everybody does it. You just can´t let the chance pass you by.

Yesterday was such a day and since Sammy is the real deal, we decided to go to Frogneseteren.  It´s a nice walk in the woods and on the top you get to eat some goodies, too! This is the Romanian way, nothing is too strenuous if you have the prospects of a good meal afterwards.

Afterwards we left Sam à la maison and  went to Sørenga to have a coffee in the sun. My friend Elif joined us and it was a really pleasant afternoon. Dim sum and a movie were in order, so we watched Non Stop with Liam Neeson, an exciting, though pretty straight forward type of movie. Now that´s what I call a Sunday well spent!

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Dreaming of a little cabin of our own

I went into the woods again today with Sam and came home so happy, so tired and so relaxed! We were in the Ekeberg Woods, where they have all those new statues and art installations. I didn´t mind the statues, nor did I like them. The pond I didn´t really get, but Sam was ecstatic, he run right into it and bathed and barked and invited every other dog to play with him. So I guess it serves its point, though probably not the one intended.

Now I´m barely alive on my couch (obviously in a very bad physical shape) and dreaming of a little cottage of our own. I found this one and it could be our dream come true! I can see it all painted white on the inside, both walls and floors, I can see ourselves drinking wine outside while enjoying the sunset and Sam running happily into the woods and down to the water. What do you think? It´s in need of a serious make-over, but on the other hand it´s very affordable. And I kind of love its imperfect charm!

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Walk in the woods

Today was a perfect fall day- sunshine, crisp air and not a gust of wind. I was home early and what better to do than take my Sammy to the woods. We Oslo people are very lucky to have nature just outside the city center, the only thing you need to do is  get on a subway and in half an hour you´ll be in the forrest.  So we went to Frogneseteren today, where we had a fabulous time bonding and breathing in fresh air. Sammy was besides himself with joy, he bathed and grazed and barked at the trees out of joy. For my part, the best of it all was the sour cream porridge and the muffin I could get in the café. And the bonus was to be able to enjoy it outside in the sun.


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