Foraging for wild mushrooms


Yesterday´s trip to the woods worked wonders for a shaky psyche and if you don´t already do it regularly, I sure recommend it! I had an admission exam for interpreting studies and I couldn´t say how it went. I was so frustrated at the fact that I couldn´t take notes and that they went along with a stupid newspaper article instead of a subject from real life, I didn´t know what to do with myself! Continue reading

Walk in the woods

Today was a perfect fall day- sunshine, crisp air and not a gust of wind. I was home early and what better to do than take my Sammy to the woods. We Oslo people are very lucky to have nature just outside the city center, the only thing you need to do is  get on a subway and in half an hour you´ll be in the forrest.  So we went to Frogneseteren today, where we had a fabulous time bonding and breathing in fresh air. Sammy was besides himself with joy, he bathed and grazed and barked at the trees out of joy. For my part, the best of it all was the sour cream porridge and the muffin I could get in the café. And the bonus was to be able to enjoy it outside in the sun.


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