Hiking with Sammy

You´re probably fed up with my baby boy by now. Well, that´s too bad! `Cause I love him so much I don´t care to write of nothing else today. 😉 We went on a small hiking trip, you see, so I need to brag a bit about it, since I´m such a lazy wanna-be diva on a regular basis. 😉 haha! I had a coffee date with a good friend of mine I don´t get to see as often as I´d like to, so I suggested we should go for a walk in the forrest and get our coffee on the top of the hill, at Frognerseteren, an imposing café where you would meet you grandma for lunch a while ago, but that´s managed the transition between tradition and innovation well. So we talked and Sam ran and bathed and chewed on sticks and ran some more, we lost our way and we found it again and in the end we were on top of the hill savoring a cup of coffee with cream porridge (because I´m halfway back on my low-carb diet and I don´t want to turn into a heath freak!).

This is what Sam looked like when he went out of the marsh! haha! We laughed so hard and hoped he wouldn´t jump on us ´cause he loves doing that when he´s happy.

I gorged myself on blueberries and raspberries all the way up, wish I´d thought of taking a cup with me!

We´re home now, I gave Sammy a bath and he´s sleeping like a kid in the bedroom. Meanwhile I´ve been relaxing with newspapers, magazines and Instagram all at once and now I´m off to the kitchen to make a sweet potato soup to go with the crackers I baked yesterday, since we´re having guests for dinner. 😉

xxx, Alina

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