Dreaming of a little cabin of our own

I went into the woods again today with Sam and came home so happy, so tired and so relaxed! We were in the Ekeberg Woods, where they have all those new statues and art installations. I didn´t mind the statues, nor did I like them. The pond I didn´t really get, but Sam was ecstatic, he run right into it and bathed and barked and invited every other dog to play with him. So I guess it serves its point, though probably not the one intended.

Now I´m barely alive on my couch (obviously in a very bad physical shape) and dreaming of a little cottage of our own. I found this one and it could be our dream come true! I can see it all painted white on the inside, both walls and floors, I can see ourselves drinking wine outside while enjoying the sunset and Sam running happily into the woods and down to the water. What do you think? It´s in need of a serious make-over, but on the other hand it´s very affordable. And I kind of love its imperfect charm!

Source: finn.no


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