A Lovely May Day

I love long weekends and May is full of them! This Monday was Pentecost and we had nice weather, so we went on a walk with our dear Sammy. They say this May is the coldest in some years (I forget how many, Norway is all about weather records as it is!), so I put on way too many clothes, just to find out I didn´t actually need a sweater and a wool scarf, a cotton one would have  done just fine. 😉


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1st of May

Yesterday we had a day off and had planned in advance to meet with our friends Kristin and Jack and their kids for a stroll in the Ekeberg Sculpture Park. I invited them over to our apartment first and served them freshly baked ham and cheese horns, coffee and juice. After playing with Sam and Beo, the kids were excited to go outside and walk for a bit. The park is just 15 minutes away from our place, but it´s like entering a whole different world nevertheless. An enchanted one. IMG_2884 Continue reading

Walk with my Best Bud, Sam

Yesterday I worked for 14 hours straight, including traveling hours and believe me, they were work! Sitting in front of two chatty teen-agers on the train is no fun when your head is throbbing with pain and all you want to do is get some sleep! I did get to wolf down a burrito and a beer with some friends, though, before heading home to sleep for 10 hours on end. The upside is I woke up before 8 today! 😉 Meaning I had lots of time to unwind before embarking on an adventure in the woods with my bud, Sammy boy. 😉 The weather was gorgeous, as you can see, the snow was melting and my influenza is finally giving me a rest. IMG_1531 Continue reading

Dreaming of a little cabin of our own

I went into the woods again today with Sam and came home so happy, so tired and so relaxed! We were in the Ekeberg Woods, where they have all those new statues and art installations. I didn´t mind the statues, nor did I like them. The pond I didn´t really get, but Sam was ecstatic, he run right into it and bathed and barked and invited every other dog to play with him. So I guess it serves its point, though probably not the one intended.

Now I´m barely alive on my couch (obviously in a very bad physical shape) and dreaming of a little cottage of our own. I found this one and it could be our dream come true! I can see it all painted white on the inside, both walls and floors, I can see ourselves drinking wine outside while enjoying the sunset and Sam running happily into the woods and down to the water. What do you think? It´s in need of a serious make-over, but on the other hand it´s very affordable. And I kind of love its imperfect charm!

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