Walk with my Best Bud, Sam

Yesterday I worked for 14 hours straight, including traveling hours and believe me, they were work! Sitting in front of two chatty teen-agers on the train is no fun when your head is throbbing with pain and all you want to do is get some sleep! I did get to wolf down a burrito and a beer with some friends, though, before heading home to sleep for 10 hours on end. The upside is I woke up before 8 today! 😉 Meaning I had lots of time to unwind before embarking on an adventure in the woods with my bud, Sammy boy. 😉 The weather was gorgeous, as you can see, the snow was melting and my influenza is finally giving me a rest. IMG_1531 Continue reading


Yesterday I was out for a stroll in the neighborhood with Sam. We stopped by Reprise, my favorite second hand shop in Oslo, where I found a gorgeous cashmere shawl from UK and chatted with the owner about reviving our street. We then crossed the icy park without falling (actually Sam did, but I was lucky  not to),  heading to Kampen, a quaint area with small and colorful wooden houses, where we bought a birthday card in a pretty flower shop. Further up the street, I had cauliflower soup at Lille Kampen, while Sam waited patiently outside, since dogs are not allowed in eateries in Norway. It was dusk time and the colors were so pretty I almost failed to notice the cold. We should do this more often, we told ourselves. 


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