Christmas Day

I hope you had a lovely Christmas Eve and that Santa was good to all of you out there. We had an amazing day, ate a lot of wonderful food and got cuddles galore from our pets. We had a walk after our nap and although “only” minus 5, it was freezing cold out there! Luckily we could slide on a frozen lake for a bit of fun and Sammy was in heaven!

For dinner we had lobster mayo (and no, I didn´t kill the poor thing myself, it came already boiled!), duck breast with Brussel sprouts, orange sauce, my famous mashed potatoes and a quick chocolate mousse for desert. We never got around to the desert,  way too stuffed by then! I´ll be sure to post a couple of posts on Christmas food the coming days.


After so much preparations, we felt so lazy today that we survived on a couple of sandwiches, coffee, prosecco and yesterday´s chocolate mousse. It´s time I should do something about it, I have a giant chicken awaiting to be thrown into the oven on a bed of potatoes and veggies.

But first let me tell you more about our day. I started my morning fiddling with my phone in bed for a while (I´m tired and grumpy when I wake up), spilled half a cup of coffee on myself and our Christmas bedlinen, called my uncles to say Merry Christmas and got to talk to grandma, too. She´s so funny and witty, you´d never guess she´s almost 90! She said a lot of funny stuff, here´s one: ” I got your last photo”. I didn´t know which one she meant and she answered “the long-necked one”. I was about to choke with laughter when I ventured for a proper answer and she simply replied “I assumed you´d be stocky like me, but you actually have a neck!” Beat that, people!

Anyway, bemused and well disposed, we took Sammy for  a long walk in the woods. To begin with, it felt like we were the only people out there, a bit creepy almost, like in one of those movies about the end of the world, you know? But then they started appearing when we got to the forrest, in their winter coats and all, walking dogs or just out for a stroll.


It was pretty cold and a couple of hours outside suck all the warmth in you, so when we came back I made some apple gløgg (warm apple juice with spices) and lit the fire in the fireplace. A couple of movies later, we fell asleep like children in their stroller and here I am, postponing my responsible chore to write to you instead. 😉




IMG_9457Hope you like the pictures! How did you spend Christmas Day?

xxx, Alina

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