Sunday in the Woods

Today I took my Sammy to the woods by Nøklevann. First we had our morning coffee at Gordanas’s, where Sam chased a toy mouse and a tennis ball when he was not tickling the girls and stealing kisses from them.

“Did you bring woodsy clothes today?” (the girls)


“Will you be warm?”

“I think so.”

“Where’s your wind jacket?”

“I don’t own one.”


_mg_9830After getting all cosy and devouring an entire chocolate bar, we started towards the woods, where the real adventures lie. I could feel my shoulders sink with every step we took on the mossy pathway and with every twig that broke under our feet. Even my mind that goes like- “so if this week is 20′ and next week is 25′,  I might be able to buy V out of the apartment by January”- was able to rest for a while and I only thought about basic things like how good it feels to be cold on your nose and how hunger starts as a tickling in your stomach. _mg_9832The girls were on fire- up and down, my turn to hold Sammy, no, he should be loose, oh, ok, but can I at least show him where to run, ok, he’s eating the branch underneath my foot, OMG, save me!_mg_9854_mg_9815_MG_9873.jpgI found a beautiful branch that I insisted on carrying all the way home, across the woods, on the underground, even at the café.

“What are you going to do with that branch?”


“Like Christmas decoration?”

“No, like put it in a vase decoration.”


“You see, Alina lives in the city and such branches are exotic there.”

“Haha!”_MG_9859.jpg_MG_9863.jpg_MG_9847.jpg_MG_9866.jpg_MG_9867.jpg_MG_9837.jpgAfter a couple of hours with fresh air and running around (the three musketeers, not us!), a warm beverage was in order. Unfortunately many other dogs had found the way to that particular café, you know, being the only café in the woods and all, so Sammy had to be on a tight leash. 😉  _MG_9880.jpg_MG_9883.jpgA blackcurrant toddy and a waffle later, we were ready for the big city again.

“Until next time!”

“Come back when it snows!”

“I will!”

Hope you had a lovely Sunday, too!

xxx, Alina

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