Another week has gone by

Long time, no see. I was busy with my guests, who left on Wednesday afternoon, then worked long hours on Thursday and then summer came back to Norway, so I had to make sure I enjoyed it properly! 😉 Actually summer came back on Wednesday, so we´ve been frantic about staying outside in the sun, drinking ice coffee and white wine, going to the beach and so on. 

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Potato salad

Lately I´ve been feeling very lazy when it comes to cooking. At the same time I´m trying to opt for healthy choices to get rid of my winter belly and feel a bit more energised. So I stocked the cupboards full of quinoa, wheat grain, beans and lentils and the fridge of salad and vegetables. The result has been yummy and surprising every day.

Unfortunately I don´t have many pictures, since aesthetics weren´t my main concern. 😉 But I can guarantee you that this potato salad is a winner! 😉

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