Whole Wheat Bread

For the longest time, I’ve been struggling to eat bread from the shop, since after a couple of days it gets too hard and with my braces, I just can’t chew it. So after attending Marte Marie Forsberg’s workshop in England, I got hooked on no-knead bread. No need to tell you that it was such an eye-opener that I started experimenting with other types of bread- don’t get me wrong, I’ve been baking bread occasionally before, but now I’m talking about baking every other day or so. But hey, when the result is this good and the effort is minimal, why the hell not?


Recipe for two hearty breads

2 breads made i 2 liters’ forms or baked round on a parchment paper

500 g wheat flour
450 g whole wheat flour
200 g rye flour
1 ½ tea spoon salt
50 g linseeds
1 bag of yeast, dry or fresh
8 dl water, around 30 degrees C

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Mix the dry ingredients in a large baking bowl. If you use fresh yeast, you can crumble it in the mixture as well. Add the water and set the mixer on its lowest speed. Knead the bread for 15-18 minutes. (I’ve done it by hand, even though I have a Kitchen Aid, and it worked just fine. I must have kneaded it for 5 minutes all together, I’m an efficient mother f*. haha!)

Cover the dough with a kitchen towel and let it rest for about an hour, until it doubles its size. If you have a silicon form like me, just sprinkle it with flower, if you have the classic metal one, butter them with oil or butter.

Use some flour on your baking table and knead the dough once, then divide it into two parts. Roll them into bread and place them into the forms, making sure you stretch them to fit as good as possible. Let them rest for 40 more minutes, covered in a towel, until the dough rises over the edge of the form.

Bake for 45-50 minutes at 180 degrees C, until the temperature inside is 98-99 degrees C. Take the bread out of the form and let them rest under a towel.


Bon appetit!


Potato salad

Lately I´ve been feeling very lazy when it comes to cooking. At the same time I´m trying to opt for healthy choices to get rid of my winter belly and feel a bit more energised. So I stocked the cupboards full of quinoa, wheat grain, beans and lentils and the fridge of salad and vegetables. The result has been yummy and surprising every day.

Unfortunately I don´t have many pictures, since aesthetics weren´t my main concern. 😉 But I can guarantee you that this potato salad is a winner! 😉

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Lazy days

Oh, how I missed these lazy days of July, thought they´d never come! I´m working a couple of hours every day, a little more in between, leaving me plenty of time to nap, read, walk my Sammy and make all those fresh summer dishes that´ll turn my body into a 20 year old´s all over again. 😉 Haha! Not to mention how nice it is to have my husband around, have a walk in the warm summer evening and rediscover the neighborhood we moved to almost 3 years ago.

I usually stay in Norway in July since I adore the summer pace, the possibility to go straight to the beach from work or whatever errands you need to run before Norway shuts down in the general staff holiday. There are sales everywhere and the city is warm with beer and joy, people strip down and wiggle their toes, oh it´s an entirely different town! The weather seems to be getting better and better, so tomorrow we´re going to watch the World Cup in the park, beer and burgers parked in front of us. Saturday we´re off to the beach, if the weather allows and the beach makes both me and Sam besides ourselves with joy.

Today we´re having shrimps mayo and later we´ll probably have a walk to Sørenga and sip some Prosecco on the new marina. Hope your July is just as awesome! xxx, Alina

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