Baked Salmon à la Vietnamienne

Saturday we had guests and V was the chef. I got away with “cleaning the house” (which was more like tidying up, really), as well as making my now famous vanilla ice-cream. 😉 We were 7 and the fish was devoured in no time. In the mean time, Sam was the main attraction and he got so much love that it´ll hopefully last him for the entire week. 😉IMG_6103IMG_6110





1 leek, chopped

1 bag of black ear mushrooms, soaked in water (they come in a bag, already shredded)

1/3 bag of vermicelli noodles, soaked in water

3-4 spring onions, chopped

fish sauce

freshly ground pepper

Place the fish on a tray, on top of an aluminum sheet. Cut a pretty pattern on the fish, it will make it easier to remove the skin when you serve it. Blend everything thoroughly. Use a kitchen scissors to cut the vermicelli in smaller pieces. Fill the fish with the mixture and place the rest beside it on the tray. In the oven at 275 C for 50-60 minutes. Serve with boiled vermicelli noodles, salad leaves, cucumber and herbs- cilantro and Thai basil. You can use rice paper (soaked in water) to form your own rolls or just eat the European way. 😉 A freshly made fish sauce (sugar, lime, chili and fish sauce) is the perfect dipping alternative. Since V is the chef, I´d advise you to google it, ´cause I don´t have the precise measures and he´s too busy a man to fuss with my blog.  😉




The perfect gift- a Mikey Mouse cactus. 😉IMG_6137

A lovely family. 😉
IMG_6138Bon appetit! 😉

Love, Alina

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