Long absence

There’s something wrong with my WordPress (or my Mac) and I have 0 technical skills, so I’m trying from my phone. My long absence is due to a long sick period- the flue followed by throat infection and a general indisposition- as well as a “fuck the world” attitude on account of this 5 months’ winter! I’m not kidding you! 5 months and it’s not yet over! 😫🙈 Apparently this weekend is getting cold again, but I don’t care, since I’m escaping to Amsterdam and then Romania for the Protestant Easter. And maybe NY or Fuerteventura in May!


I’ve been horrendously tired of people lately, especially these in my line of work, which makes me think I need a longer holiday this year- haha! Counting my $ and booking summer holiday soon, maybe I’ll take a whole month, for once! 😉 I’ll have to take Sammy with me, in that case, but watch me let that stop me! 😉

E4518BEB-ED14-4375-9489-68368E165AAAToday I had a trial that was postponed and so I went to the dentist’s for my braces and then to a coffeeshop by the sea, where I had two proseccos and olives and hijacked a perfectly respectable teacher looking for a break to listen to my nonsense. Pretty happy with my deed. 😂

Right now I’m making soup and I need to start packing. Can’t wait to be able to wear sneakers and a regular coat in Amsterdam, for a change! And see some continental people!! Missed you, guys, what have you been up to lately?

xxx, Alina






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