Day Off

There’s nothing I like more than waking up early on a day off, especially if it’s on a Monday. The promise of a long day, doing what I like instead of what needs to be done is  not really descriptive of today, since I have a couple of translations to take care of and a lunch date, too. Still, I get to drink as much coffee as I want in my dressing gown, a wool blanket on my feet, listening to the rain drops outside.

Skjermbilde 2017-10-02 08.49.47

Yesterday we had F’s family over for lunch and it was a disaster due to my poor planning and my wooly-headedness- too little food, too little drink, plus I welcomed my mother-in-law with the dress open on the side (I hadn’t seen the zip, but the dress did feel too big!). We did have lots of fun with the kids, though, they’re so sweet! ❤ The other good part is that the apartment is really tidy and there’s fresh flowers, too. And I’m already planning another get-together to make it up for them.

Otherwise, I tried on the sexiest Acne boots ever on Saturday, about 30% off their original price and I haven’t been able to sleep a wink since then! Haha! (Yes, I’m shallow, but you knew that already!)

I’m reading Knausgård, 130 pages left from the first volume (and there’s 6 of them!) and trying to write here and there, when I get the time. The more I write, the crappier I think it sounds- haha.

Today I’m thinking of making a pizza with chèvre and chanterelles, what do you reckon?

xxx, Alina



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