A Lovely May Day

I love long weekends and May is full of them! This Monday was Pentecost and we had nice weather, so we went on a walk with our dear Sammy. They say this May is the coldest in some years (I forget how many, Norway is all about weather records as it is!), so I put on way too many clothes, just to find out I didn´t actually need a sweater and a wool scarf, a cotton one would have  done just fine. 😉




On our way to the woods, nature was in full bloom and Sammy- as happy as he could be. I hadn´t had enough coffee and it was a bit of a drag, but I cheered up eventually. With a leaping dog and a handsome husband what else is there to do than comply with the forces of nature?! 😉IMG_4365

The view is there to be checked. What are the guys spraying on the walls this time? IMG_4368We even spotted a squirrel, so tiny, I hadn´t seen one in years! IMG_4372

Green of jealousy on all those lucky fellows who have a balcony… Since nice weather is rare in Oslo (by South-Romanian standards), one should “live life to the max” on a sunny day! And what better way to do it than enjoying the view from your own balcony with bare toes and a Prosecco glass in your hand?! And a Sammy by your side?IMG_4377


People were having a beer and perhaps lunch at this venerable funkis restaurant renovated about ten years ago. It´s the crown jewel of our part of the city and they make a killer mussel soup! We usually go there in the summer, the views are stunning!IMG_4385


And this is the view! If you´re a regular, you´ve probably seen it way too many times on my blog, but I can´t help it, I´m fascinated by the changes of the season, the light, as well as my own mood.IMG_4387

Always time for a new friend. And this girl was pretty! Too fierce, maybe, ´cause every time she´d check Sam up, he´d lose a bunch of hairs.


We went to Karlsborg for a cup of coffee, but they were closed. Bummer. Others were enjoying home made sandwiches and cocoa, but what about urban people like us?IMG_4404




On our way home, Sam fell in love again, this time with a staffordshire bull terrier, whom he played with for a bit. First they dug a whole..IMG_4459

and then they lay down in it. Together! haha! Too cute!

IMG_4461I made myself a lovely spring bouquet out of chestnut flowers and lilac and now the whole house smells of it. Who needs newly washed floors when you can have fresh flowers? 😉

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