Boxing Day

Yey, people are coming back to the city! 😉 Boxing Day is still a day off here, but at least the coffee shops are open again! So I had a date with Merete at Hotel Bristol, where they serve the best hot chocolate in town. Unfortunately, the camera´s battery flattened out by the time they served us the treat, but I did get to snap a couple of pictures of our lovely little Oslo, just as the sun was setting (2 o´clock!). IMG_8658 Continue reading

Perfect Friday

Yesterday my friend Cristina came over for some girl talk, Prosecco and pumpkin soup. We sat on the couch for ages, although the sun was up and outside it was Indian summer. We were just too lazy and couldn´t be bothered. So when I suggested an evening walk, V and Sam joined us to Sørenga and back. It was such a pretty evening- the sun was just setting, the air was still warm and people had started leaving, abandoning the beach in a magic mist of purple. IMG_6688 Continue reading


Missed me, yet?! I´ve been away for some time now and I apologize. I´ve been going through a sort of a 30 years´old crisis, working too much, sleeping too little and questioning my priorities. That´s no joke, I tell you! Luckily, all that´s gone now! I´m on a fabulous holiday in Belgrade with my husband, staying at a 5 stars hotel, eating our way through Serbian and international cuisine and discovering whatever this surprising mix of East and West has to offer us. We came here to attend the wedding of some friends of ours, a lovely Serbian-American couple and it was such a show! For now I´ll let the pictures talk for themselves, details when I get back home, on Thursday!

Old building in the old part of Belgrade

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