Boxing Day

Yey, people are coming back to the city! 😉 Boxing Day is still a day off here, but at least the coffee shops are open again! So I had a date with Merete at Hotel Bristol, where they serve the best hot chocolate in town. Unfortunately, the camera´s battery flattened out by the time they served us the treat, but I did get to snap a couple of pictures of our lovely little Oslo, just as the sun was setting (2 o´clock!). IMG_8658As you can see, the streets are pretty empty, but it´s nothing compared to Christmas Eve, when me and Sam seemed to be two of the town´s maybe 10 creatures alive. Armageddon is no exaggeration, believe me! 😉IMG_8657The hotel lounge was full, people must have had enough with their family gatherings and all that fatty Christmas food, so a lunch out seemed like a good idea for many. I was just happy that life seems to resume its course and that 2016 is around the corner. 😉 IMG_8655


I loved this commercial so much, it´s all glossy in an area where they´re constantly building and redoing the facade and then it says Merry Xmas, in what appears to be red lipstick. Genius! IMG_8653

How did you spend Boxing Day? 😉 Can´t wait to read about your Xmas adventures!

xxx, Alina





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