I can´t believe June is almost over! It feels like I haven´t done much, simply postponed stuff from one day to the other and watched the days go by in a colour haze. My moods are still exhausting and I´d very much need a holiday from myself, anybody know the feeling?13509133_10153680530371711_5722606413032684166_nOtherwise I´ve been working long days and was left with little energy to do anything else than make a light dinner and collapse on the couch. Still, I´ve seen a couple of football games and cheered for either France or Iceland, read a bit about Brexit and joined in on the collective hysteria of worrying. Sometimes it feels like all I ever do is worry anyways. 13507264_10153680530366711_6523020246544221920_nLast Friday though we went out for dinner at JOR and enjoyed lovely vegetarian food, freshly tasting and enticing. If you´re in Oslo, you should definitely try it. I love my meat, but this was good stuff!13529173_10153680530296711_5329898212810865986_n Lately the weather has been so and so, but on Saturday, for Oslo Pride, the sun was out again and I heard people saying, “I don´t know about God, but someone sure gave us this opportunity to shine!” I was happy to watch the parade and air my orange toes at the same time. 😉 You know me, there´s the world and then there´s ME! 😉13432245_10153684748911711_8066304848523913050_nSunday I felt like baking and so I made this lovely focaccia with olives and dried tomatoes, just right. 😉 It turned out a bit salty, but I´m all for salty, so I didn´t mind it much. 13494765_10153686926181711_700590533505972488_nMy baby was back yesterday and we had a longer snuggle session, half of it against his will. 😉 haha! What are parents for if not smother us with love?!13512242_10153686926116711_1181293609824595107_nMy hood at sunset. On days like that I´m thinking that hey, I´m so lucky to be alive! 😉

The world is in mourning again, this time for Turkey and I kind of lose hope. The only solution I got for that is baking. I´ll tell you if I got around to do any of it. 😉

xxx, Alina

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