Perfect Friday

Yesterday my friend Cristina came over for some girl talk, Prosecco and pumpkin soup. We sat on the couch for ages, although the sun was up and outside it was Indian summer. We were just too lazy and couldn´t be bothered. So when I suggested an evening walk, V and Sam joined us to Sørenga and back. It was such a pretty evening- the sun was just setting, the air was still warm and people had started leaving, abandoning the beach in a magic mist of purple. IMG_6688IMG_6680

Some girls were still swimming. IMG_6677


A dog was barking at Sam from his balcony, upset that he couldn´t join us to the beach. IMG_6657

Sammy was happy to play with anything that resembled a stick. IMG_6659

Modern architecture- not my cup of tea, but looks pretty swell in the sunset. IMG_6660

The opera house and the temporary suspended bridge to Sukkerbiten. IMG_6661


Japanese tourists. 😉IMG_6673

Zucchinis from the Municipal garden. I love me some fresh picks!IMG_6683

Cristina and Sam.IMG_6684

The two of us, the zucchinis and the dogs. 😉IMG_6690

Beer and clothes. The boys were having fun.

Sammy hiding in a flower bed. 😉

Have a lovely weekend! We´re off to the beach in no time! 😉

xxx, Alina

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