Spring days

Although I must have forgotten to take my pills today, with a fabulous disposition (not) and throbbing anxiety as an outcome, there’s no doubt I’ve been feeling much better lately. Yesterday I even made some chocolate mousse, caught a movie-“Hail, Caesar!” by the Cohen Brothers (God, they´re a bunch of loonies!) and had a couple of drinks, on an almost regular Wednesday. 😉  By the time I went to bed it was past “Christian hours” (I love this expression in Norwegian!), so there´s a slight chance that today’s shape might be directly linked to that.. 😉 haha!


Just when I thought spring had come for good, the freezing January weather is back and my hands have started cracking again. What else to do than buy a bunch of tulips to brighten up the place? God, how I miss the flower markets in Romania, where you could buy a massive load of Easter lilies or hyacinths for a buck or two!12920268_10153503563966711_9214563623111631587_n


My baby misses spring, too. He´s more and more eager to be outside and so am I, so we make a good team. 😉 Here he´s contemplating the sunset. 12941232_10153503564856711_2027267271_o

Snow drops, a lovely bunch of them. 12321435_10153503564411711_1442229690042883152_nBaby boy is having a nap. After him having peed on both my duvets, this is what I use as a quilt these days. 😉

xxx, Alina

2 thoughts on “Spring days

    1. hehe! Sorry to hear about the weather, freezing cold here, too. At least sunny today, though. Whereas the cat, he´s one hell of a kitty, lots of personality, love him to death! 😉

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