Wish list for spring

I feel spring coming, already fed up with winter and wool sweaters and what better thing to do for welcoming a change of seasons than buying fresh flowers and putting together a wish-list?;-)

For the pretty season I wish for an Isabel Marant coat, pinkish Salvatore Ferragamo ballerinas, Burberry Brit t-shirt, Dolce et Gabanna diva shades and, last but not least, a silk dress and leather bag from Chloe.

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Making a list, checking it twice


No, I´m not getting this for Christmas, but I love pretending I´m the type of business woman that could afford about anything I set my eyes on. 😉 haha! (that´s the diva in me speaking!) So if I could treat myself to a really nice outfit without burning a hole in my pockets, this would be it! 😉

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A weekend somewhere with snow and mulled wine

We´re talking about a weekend away from home now that Christmas is around the corner, besides we´re used to changing the scenery once a month and the weather has been appalling in November. I just miss the snow and the sun so much! I want a couple of days where I eat when I´m hungry, take Sammy for long walks in the woods, go for a massage or a facial at the hotel spa and maybe learn how to ski, while I´m at it. 😉

Norway is amazing in the winter, but everything is so pricy that you end up spending 1000 Euros during a weekend. Nevertheless I feel we need some boost before Christmas and our family gathering in Vienna is not before mid January, so I can´t wait that long.

So while waiting for a couple of friends to give us the green light for either Norefjell or Geilo, I´m hoping I can stay as stylish as this gal from mytheresa! 😉 Take a look!

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