Christmas Wish List

These days we’re renovating the apartment in order to put it on the market and I’m hoping we’ll manage to find something to buy before Christmas, although F says I shouldn’t get my hopes up. New home or not, I can’t wait for Christmas to come and I ain’t ashamed to show it. 😉 I’m half way through my gift list and these are my absolute favorites for the season! Skjermbilde 2019-11-20 kl. 11.26.25.png Continue reading

Great Party

Last week was very intense and, as it usually happens with me when things pile up, it left me half dead. So this week I’ve been napping 2-3 hours a day on the days I could and otherwise gone through the motions with either a headache or a yawn. But hey, freelance life, getting on top of my finances and weekend studies, who said it was going to be easy?

Anyways, here I am, all the sashimi stash waiting in the kitchen, beer in the fridge and the man on his way home, how could I complain? Besides it’s Friday and tomorrow I’m hosting a party, God knows we all need a party from time to time, if not for the drinks, at least for the heels! 😉figmascarponetartsqdrizzle Continue reading

Making a list, checking it twice


No, I´m not getting this for Christmas, but I love pretending I´m the type of business woman that could afford about anything I set my eyes on. 😉 haha! (that´s the diva in me speaking!) So if I could treat myself to a really nice outfit without burning a hole in my pockets, this would be it! 😉

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What to wear to Christmas parties

As I might have mentioned before, December is a social affair in Norway- there are Christmas parties to attend, brunches and lunches to be devoured, Christmas markets to go to. Eating out with colleagues or friends is also quite popular. And while I used to buy a new dress for New Year´s Eve when living in Romania, in Norway it´s pretty common to renew one´s wardrobe before a Christmas party. 😉

To give you a glimpse of how busy a month this is, two days ago we were invited to dinner at our friends´ place, the day before yesterday we had dinner in a fancy restaurant with my husband´s former work colleagues and today we´re hosting a brunch ourselves. I´m not planning to buy anything new, I have too vast a wardrobe to pull that through, but if I were, it´d be a Diane von Furstenberg dress, a Charlotte Olympia clutch and a Burberry Prorsum pair of heels. What do you think?

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Holiday plans

My friend is getting married in Belgrade in June and I´m so looking forward to it I already bought the tickets and the dress! Last night I barely fell asleep because I was trying to figure out whether I should wear black peep toes or sandals! Haha! Call me crazy, I won’t even argue with you! This is my gorgeous dress, just bought it from, on sale, it´s an alice+olivia. I haven´t found the right shoes yet and a quick search on and came with few alternatives. What do you think about those Jimmy Choo´s, too glitzy? Feedback needed!

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