Belgrade II

Finally I get the chance to tell you more about our lovely stay in Belgrade. I couldn´t wait to do that, but the first two days after returning were chaotic, especially since our luggage hasn´t arrived yet and I keep remembering all the things we had in it that I don´t want to lose. In addition to that I spent 3,5 hours at the Romanian embassy (for the very last time!) waiting in line for a piece of paper and getting frustrated, it was as comic and tragic as a Kusturica movie.

But let´s leave it at that and let me take you back to the Balkans and demistify the area for you. As I mentioned last time, we were there for the wedding of our friends Dragana and Alex and since we´d already taken a couple of trips each in May, this was also our summer holiday. Meaning we splurged a little on our hotel and eating out budget to compensate for the fact that Belgrade isn´t a coastal town and that the weather was either too chilly, too hot or too rainy to make the best out of it. And boy was that a good idea! We felt so spoilt in the end we couldn´t wait to get back home and cook our own food and fill our own fridge!

Jevrem restaurant in the lovely Dorcol area

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La femme d’antan

I discovered Cortana. What a bliss! For those of you who haven´t heard about it, it´s a Spanish high end brand. And their clothes are just fabulous! When I stepped into the shop, I felt like Alice in wonderland. Silk and other delicate fabrics, dreamy colours and a minimalist expression. Unfortunately I was at the end of my shopping budget, but I have hopes that some of you might find something to your liking. And while I´m at it, I´ll show you some of my favourite outfits on Pintrest.

Spanish Cortana

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