Parisian Apartment

Although living in Norway for 15 years will definitely affect your perception of style, Parisian apartments remain the embodiment of chic for me. A sucker for all things bourgeois and at the same time a lover of clean lines, I find myself drawn to quirky, eclectic abodes, somewhat eccentric and at the same time where the owner is not trying too hard.

Daphné Desjeux and Dorothée Delaye are the interior architects who renovated this 110m2 place and I think they did a marvellous job! Take a look!

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The girl with pearls

As I might have mentioned before, I grew up with my grandma. My parents lived in the same city and would eat dinner with us everyday, help us with our homework and then go home. We would spend the weekends together. I always found that difficult and I still do. But that´s a story for another day.

Today I wanted to tell you a funny story from back when I was 10 years old. My mum reminded me of it, I had completely forgotten. You see, my grandma had a friend, Madam Diaconu, and she was a stylish lady. Or at least wannabe stylish- she would wear a wig, black or red pearls and red lipstick. And even though I didn´t like her much, I must have admired her charms ´cause my mother “caught” me coming back from school with a hideous old-lady pearl string on top of my patterned sweater. She laughed so hard when she reminisced that I thought she´d choke! Haha! I can picture myself, the wannabe diva, too young to be bad-taste and too old to be cute! haha! Unfortunately I don´t have a picture close by, so I´ll give you this cutie instead.


A weekend somewhere with snow and mulled wine

We´re talking about a weekend away from home now that Christmas is around the corner, besides we´re used to changing the scenery once a month and the weather has been appalling in November. I just miss the snow and the sun so much! I want a couple of days where I eat when I´m hungry, take Sammy for long walks in the woods, go for a massage or a facial at the hotel spa and maybe learn how to ski, while I´m at it. 😉

Norway is amazing in the winter, but everything is so pricy that you end up spending 1000 Euros during a weekend. Nevertheless I feel we need some boost before Christmas and our family gathering in Vienna is not before mid January, so I can´t wait that long.

So while waiting for a couple of friends to give us the green light for either Norefjell or Geilo, I´m hoping I can stay as stylish as this gal from mytheresa! 😉 Take a look!

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Apartment in Paris

I fell in love with this French apartment at first sight. There´s something about all things French, I´m a sucker for them all! So much refinement and elegance, or maybe it´s this ” joie de vivre” to blame. Take a close look at the stylish simplicity, the materials carefully chosen, the colors. I could move right in, but by tomorrow it´d be cluttered already!

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