Saturday plans

We´re in the midst of a horrible idea of mine- preparing coarse walls for paint using filler over the entire hallway. I won´t say people didn´t warn us, but I´m always so optimistic, you see. Instead of helping out, I soon found out I could make a soup and tidy up my closet.

We´re now sitting on the floor wondering how long it will take, at the same time as we´re making plans to redo the whole apartment in the summer. Do it the right way- check into a hotel with cat and dog and let professionals do their magic. Meanwhile, I´ll show you some of my favorite bathrooms. I like different styles and the bath tub with lion feet has been on my list for ages, but I´m not so good at cleaning, so I think I´ll make it easy on myself and go for something where you can just flush the whole room with soapy water and it´s clean. What do you think?


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