My Apartment

I promised you a couple of pics with my freshly painted apartment. I’ve tried to style it a bit, mostly with new plants, since I love my stuff and I find it hard to part with it for a lighter image. 😉
_MG_0364.jpgI rearranged a bit here and there and otherwise moved stuff from one room to the other. 😉 The living-room is mostly the same, the bedroom is the room that underwent the biggest transformation.

_MG_0376.jpgBedroom chest of drawers with its new friend, the succulent called something burrito. 😉_MG_0369.jpg_MG_0368.jpg_MG_0367.jpgI love the dark color, I could stay in bed all day! What do you think?_MG_0385.jpgFresh flowers whenever I have the chance to buy or pick them. _MG_0386.jpgKitchen shelves and tea box collection. _MG_0377.jpg Have a lovely day! I’m having a really shitty day, due to nothing else than a terrible mood, so I’ll be watching some telly and hope it’ll pass. 😉

xxx, Alina

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