Saturday plans

We´re in the midst of a horrible idea of mine- preparing coarse walls for paint using filler over the entire hallway. I won´t say people didn´t warn us, but I´m always so optimistic, you see. Instead of helping out, I soon found out I could make a soup and tidy up my closet.

We´re now sitting on the floor wondering how long it will take, at the same time as we´re making plans to redo the whole apartment in the summer. Do it the right way- check into a hotel with cat and dog and let professionals do their magic. Meanwhile, I´ll show you some of my favorite bathrooms. I like different styles and the bath tub with lion feet has been on my list for ages, but I´m not so good at cleaning, so I think I´ll make it easy on myself and go for something where you can just flush the whole room with soapy water and it´s clean. What do you think?

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Constant state of planning

I´m terrible at enjoying what I have. This living in the present- art, “carpe diem” and “festina lente”, I wasn´t made for that. I´m a product of the coffee latte generation. Always running, always in a hurry. I make plans years in advance and propel myself hotheadedly into the future. If only I get my MA degree, if only we move into a bigger apartment, if only we get a dog.. Then I´ll be happy. Then things will be perfect. For the moment, they need a boost. Maybe you know the reasoning?

The bad thing about it is that I seldom sit down and just enjoy life as it is. Being a virgo I don´t have time to enjoy things, I´m always in between projects. That does not necessarily mean I´m actually doing anything about those projects, but they hinder me in getting other stuff done.

The good thing about it though is that I´m not static. I´m in a constant need for change and for improvement. And that in itself is not so bad. Or what do you reckon?

Right now I have a two years´ plan: 1. a full apartment make-over, 2. hopefully a new family member and 3. a house with a garden. Since number 2 can´t be planned as such, I pretend it´s not that important anyway and I work long hours to achieve nr 1 and 3. Anyone else feeling me?

So I started gathering and buying things for our house, things that we don´t have place for in our current apartment. You probably think it´s half crazy, my husband will agree, but to me it´s just a quicker way of getting there. I could go on and on about the need to have a Gustavian couch, a rococo mirror and an extensible couch for guests. I will show you some pictures of what dreams are made of instead.

My dream villa

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