Decorate with plants

How are you today? Monday and Tuesday went by like a dream and I thought I should pop by for a couple of words. 😉 I´ve just come home from a walk with Sam and had dinner with V and a friend, my man´s famous homemade pizza- delicious. I need to post the recipe soon! 😉

I´m drinking some tea and have just started on a book in Norwegian- The Hopeful by Nicolai Houm, so funny! Otherwise life is pretty good, aside from the fact that my energy level is on an all time low, so I need to nap like babies. :-/ Thinking of waiting for spring for a couple more weeks and if it doesn´t improve, change my medication. 😉

Meanwhile, thought I should introduce you to some healing plant trends from Pinterest. Anytime I need a small change, I buy a plant. It works for me!  Continue reading


Weekends are holy. I stopped working weekends about a year ago, unless there´s a particular emergency to justify it. Saturdays focus on me and my needs since Vuong often works, but include a longer walk with Sam, our lovely samoyed. Today I invited a couple of friends for pancakes and coffee, otherwise I´m just reading and observing the apartment, can´t wait till the hallway is done, next week, I hope! I´ll be sure to post lots of pictures since our weekend project turned out to last for 2 months. Have a good one!


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