Great Party

Last week was very intense and, as it usually happens with me when things pile up, it left me half dead. So this week I’ve been napping 2-3 hours a day on the days I could and otherwise gone through the motions with either a headache or a yawn. But hey, freelance life, getting on top of my finances and weekend studies, who said it was going to be easy?

Anyways, here I am, all the sashimi stash waiting in the kitchen, beer in the fridge and the man on his way home, how could I complain? Besides it’s Friday and tomorrow I’m hosting a party, God knows we all need a party from time to time, if not for the drinks, at least for the heels! 😉figmascarponetartsqdrizzle Continue reading


The 30s are great-

You don´t need to pretend anymore

To like whatever you didn´t like at 20

Like eating ceviche or reading Kafka, for example.


Except for the lamentations in my head

And the biological clock- God, how I hate being a mortal!

The 3os are great

People are not as insecure anymore

And they´re more straightforward, too.


You can be odd and it´s cool

`Cause what is cool, really?

I wouldn´t know- never been cool

Always on the other side

The deeper the cut

The higher the heels.


December 2015