What to wear to Christmas parties

As I might have mentioned before, December is a social affair in Norway- there are Christmas parties to attend, brunches and lunches to be devoured, Christmas markets to go to. Eating out with colleagues or friends is also quite popular. And while I used to buy a new dress for New Year´s Eve when living in Romania, in Norway it´s pretty common to renew one´s wardrobe before a Christmas party. 😉

To give you a glimpse of how busy a month this is, two days ago we were invited to dinner at our friends´ place, the day before yesterday we had dinner in a fancy restaurant with my husband´s former work colleagues and today we´re hosting a brunch ourselves. I´m not planning to buy anything new, I have too vast a wardrobe to pull that through, but if I were, it´d be a Diane von Furstenberg dress, a Charlotte Olympia clutch and a Burberry Prorsum pair of heels. What do you think?

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Waiting for winter

Fall is here, it´s been raining for a couple of days, both the drizzle and the heavy rain you associate with dark, cold days. Days when you don´t feel like getting out of bed. When only hot chocolate helps. When you start lighting candles again.

I´m back in court and I love it for many reasons, but being able to wear office clothes is the main one. Call me superficial. So if in Oslo, you´ll see me bouncing around and being super busy in my preppy dresses or my androgyne trousers. I love Brooks Brothers shirts, my husband introduced me to them. And I love everything that´s silk or leather. Right now I´m loving Burberry Prorsum´s Pre-Fall Collection.

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A gasp of fall

It´s official! Fall is here, there´s no doubt any more, the calendar says so. And while I´m making lots of plans about how to get more efficient, find time to work-out and be cultural in the weekends, what I really enjoy doing is reading magazines and dreaming of new accessories. Call me superficial, but I get instant gratification. And this year´s fashion is better than in ages! Actually that´s how I feel every year. I collected some must-haves on my list, don´t think I´ll be able to afford anything for now, but the Celine bag is mine, no matter how long I have to wait!


Lovely Celine bag- a classic

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