Mondays for a career woman

I´m getting used to those leisure Mondays, I´m thinking of making them a permanent solution. It´s such a good day to breathe! Fridays are not the same at all, you just feel you´re jumpstarting the weekend. Mondays however are an extension of the weekend, you get to do whatever it was you didn´t have time to during those two days that pass way too fast.

Long story short, my day started in court where I interpreted with a friend of mine for 2,5 hours and, due to a cause unrelated to the interpreters, the proceedings had to be postponed. Meaning coffee with my colleague, waxing and massage! Isn´t it just wonderful when you make a little time for yourself? I don´t have kids, so I don´t know how the others manage through the week, but I get so worked up in my daily life I almost get depressed if I don´t have a little timeout at a beautician´s or in a shop. 😉

I then bough a magazine and came home to enjoy some time with the pets. Beo slept leaning on to me and I planned dinner. Onion stew a la grandma, with chicken and dill. Recipe and picture in my next post! Yummy Mondays!


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