Let me tell you about my weekend

Long time, no see. Hope you´ve missed me. 😉 This weekend was exhausting, I swear!

On Friday we went to a party in town and I was confronted with my lack of social skills- I don´t dance, I´m not good at mingling (unless I´m drunk or I know everybody there), I don´t hear very well when the music is loud and I´m terrible with strangers. Hahaha! So after trying to look cool and glam and a citizen of the world for an hour and a half, I suddenly felt the urge to go home to my couch and Twin Peaks. 😉 Bahaha! And that would have been fine, had I not forgotten my keys and spoilt V´s party, too. 😉 Tough luck.

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A busy week comes to an end

What do you reckon? It´s Friday again! Or Friday at last! Whichever one suits you!

I for one am very happy it´s nearly weekend and Valentine´s day on top of it, maybe thanks to the glass of wine and the flowers I bought myself, but I´m not so romantic anyway, so I don´t mind.:-) I´m done with translating the silly Work and Work Place Protection brochure, I´m done traveling for a week or so, happy to be at home with man and pets, not needing to check in or check out, catch any planes or any trains. And it´s just where I want to be. We´re celebrating Valentine´s with Sam´s girlfriend and her parents, who live just down the street, dining and wining.

During the course of the weekend I need to finish some boring accountancy stuff, but first and foremost get lazy with the pets, drink lots of coffee, see a friend or two and take many naps. Haha! Just by reading that I realize I sound like a granny, in fact I used to be teased with that at my former work place, just because I like silk scarves and 60s cut. 😉

I hope you have a lovely day, whether you celebrate Valentine´s or not! And now a couple of pictures from my last days´wandering.

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