House of my dreams

I´ve always dreamt of the whole shebang- a man and three kids, a cat and a dog and, last but not least, a house with a garden in the middle of the city! For now I can only check husband, cat and dog! And a pretty airy apartment not far from the city centre at all. 😉

However, we´re kind of outgrown the place and besides we crave some private space outside and this cute little beauty would give us just that! Don´t you just love it? I could easily envision myself living there. And it´s two minutes from The Food Court I´ve been talking so much about lately.. 😉

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I feel very chatty today, I hope you don´t mind. In fact, I´m a very chatty person any day of the week!  And since I take myself very seriously, God forbid the world should miss on anything that has to do with ME!;-)

As an interpreter, I mostly communicate other people´s thoughts and ideas and I´m always on the run. I don´t have an office, nor any steady colleagues. I just rush from one place to another, waving and smiling and trying to keep up with my tight schedule. Or the lack of it. And that in a world where most people work from 8-4. So I don´t get to talk as much as I´d like to, you see.

How are things with you? Did January live up to your expectations? My January has been nice and easy. I had a couple of things in mind, New Year´s resolutions and such, and I feel I´m slowly getting there. It´s nice to be given a new chance each year and even nicer to be able to cut yourself some slack every once in a while.

This year I was going to eat better, work out more, spend less, travel farther, be nicer and work fewer hours. In the health department, I get a case of organic fruit and vegetables delivered to my door once a week and it makes cooking much more simple and fun! I have to admit it´s a big improvement, although we´re constantly battling with all the apples and the kiwis, or whatever fruit that doesn´t really cut it for us.

I also started swimming, for now I´ve only been there once, but the plan is to do it once a week. I´m having a hard time getting out of the house with all this snow and winter, but I do my best. And my best will have to do this year.

Travelwise, I´m going home to Romania for a week in February and taking a 10 days´ holiday in Serbia in June. I´m not sure if I get to see NY this year,  but it´ll be there next year, too. I´m trying not to rush things, but I´m not any good at that. I search for houses even though we´re not moving, for apartments in France, although we don´t have a house, and so on.. I have a father who measures success in real estate, so it´s hard to keep up.

But since today is Chinese New Year, I wish you a happy one!  I´m so glad I can start anew again in February!;-)


Apartment in Frogner

Still looking for a house or a bigger apartment, as you know. No rush yet, the one we´re living in is spacey enough. Besides we really enjoy living in Gamlebyen, but we´re so longing for a garden or at least a balcony! This is the perfect apartment! It´s in Frogner, my favorite residential area, it´s big enough and it has a lovely balcony! And I love their furniture. too!

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Oslo house

What a charming house! Only half the house is for sale, but I wouldn´t mind ending up here! Tåsen Hageby is a residential area in Oslo where usually people from the academia find a refuge. It´s close enough to the city and just a stone cast away from the woods. You´ll find cute wooden villas with apple gardens and the whole picture. Love it!

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Apartment in Oslo

Frogner is one of the most beautiful and fashionable boroughs in Oslo. It´s the place where elder ladies wear silk scarves and manicure and where elderly gentlemen have an impeccable posture and nice camel hair coats. I loved Frogner from the minute I saw it. For me it has some Paris in it, without being able to define what exactly. People say it´s not necessarily a nice place to live because of the slightly arrogant attitude some of its posh residents have, but I love the atmosphere, the lack of heavy traffic and the architecture. I´d probably never get my east-side husband to move in there, but I can dream of it, can´t I?  I found this apartment that has the right frame for a high-end living, the down side is that it costs as much as an entire house elsewhere. It has spacious rooms with lots of light, a killer terrace and a walk-in closet! Good bye clutter! Take a look!

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