Apartment in Oslo

Frogner is one of the most beautiful and fashionable boroughs in Oslo. It´s the place where elder ladies wear silk scarves and manicure and where elderly gentlemen have an impeccable posture and nice camel hair coats. I loved Frogner from the minute I saw it. For me it has some Paris in it, without being able to define what exactly. People say it´s not necessarily a nice place to live because of the slightly arrogant attitude some of its posh residents have, but I love the atmosphere, the lack of heavy traffic and the architecture. I´d probably never get my east-side husband to move in there, but I can dream of it, can´t I?  I found this apartment that has the right frame for a high-end living, the down side is that it costs as much as an entire house elsewhere. It has spacious rooms with lots of light, a killer terrace and a walk-in closet! Good bye clutter! Take a look!

Source: finn.no

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