Easter 2014

Thursday was all about baking and hiding inside from the rain. I made all this food and we cuddled up with blankets and Netflix.  A lovely way to start a mini holiday, but would have proved boring in the long run. Yesterday however, the sun was shining and it was time for new adventures. I waited for my husband to finish a wallet he´s had an order on and when it seemed it was never going to happen, I took Sam for a walk to hip Grunnerløkka. We took some pictures on our way crossing Grønland and Tøyen, strolled through the lovely Botanical Garden and smelled the flowers. Luckily, my friend Elif agreed to meet us there, so we had coffee and pizza at Villa Paradiso. My man joined us in the end and we walked happily into the sunset the three of us. Haha!

Today we´re going to the Østensjø lake into the woods. Pictures soon! Enjoy the ride with us!


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Lemon Curd

I started making lemon curd a few years back, curious to see what it was, since the recipe´s owner said she´d been living in England and could´t live without it! I´ve made it for Christmas ever since. I usually find some pretty jars around and give most of it away as go to-gifts or small Christmas presents. The rest we eat for breakfast with scones or on top of some Pavlova cake.

This Easter we´re lucky to have 5 days off and I´m enjoying my first one today. I made the lemon curd and baked the meringue cake, tomorrow I´ll just be reading a book and eat out if the weather allows it.


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Back on track

I´m back at home and I´ve already started work. I woke up early, made myself a cup of Zespresso (´cause we´re too cool to have a Nespresso, like everyone else),  walked Sam for half an hour, including the mandatory ´scratch my belly´on the grass, then off to work. At 14:30 I´m home already and it feels unreal to have all this time on my hands. I´m thinking of baking something, I make a pretty good focaccia, and maybe a soup to go with. I´ll share some pictures of food I love making or just dream of making some time. What are you having for dinner today? Have a good week!


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