Although we´re celebrating orthodox Easter this weekend, the Norwegian Easter break is over and our friends are back from Nice. So we got together over dinner and wine at our place to start the weekend right. Sammy was very happy to see them both and was all over the place with joy! 😉 And so were we! They came with stories of the Mediterranean, of 20 degrees in the shade and of antique markets. We have to go there together!


Since I had a day off yesterday, I took Sam for a longer walk by a water and ended up in the skate pool on our way home. We´d been there several times with V and it´d always been a lot of fun. We found a ball, I let Sam run loose and we started playing. I was running around with a keep cup in my hand, chasing both Sam and the ball, laughs, barks and shrieks of excitement intertwining, until I fell down so bad I grazed my knee, ruined my jeans and pretty much felt like crying. I managed to get home, but was hurting all day, had trouble sleeping at night and now pretty much every muscle in my body hurts. Poor me! 😉

Besides that, I´m fine. It´s a grey day, so I´ll spend it reading and watching Netflix. This evening we have a movie date, after meeting up to buy groceries for tomorrow. 😉 My father is coming over for a holiday, so we want to treat him to a nice Easter meal. 😉 IMG_2323


IMG_2337Wishing you a lovely weekend!

xxx, Alina

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