A gettaway to Cristina´s cabin

I wrote about feeling a bit lonely since almost everybody was gone this Easter break and the city was empty of people. As a response to that, a fellow countryman whom I´d only met a couple of times, but who was on my list of fb friends, invited us over to her cabin! Can you imagine such an act of generosity? 🙂 And we said yes, although my man was so anxious after having watched so many horror movies in his life that he had to check her fb page and see what she was up to! Haha! 😉 Luckily it was all ikebana and benign stuff. 😉 haha! IMG_2205 The cabin was a bit more than an hour drive from Oslo and the nature was absolutely gorgeous! There was barely any sign of winter and nature had sprung into full spring. With a view of the lake, surrounded by fir trees and bird chirping, you felt miles away from the city and its noisy background. And it was good for the soul!IMG_2151 IMG_2146 Sam was feeling swell, running around and bathing, chewing on sticks or just laying about and inhaling the fresh mountain air. He was such a good dog, held himself around the house and wanted us to play with him all the time. He didn´t even dare to pee unless we took him on a regular walk, can you imagine?! 😉 IMG_2157 He´s blending in pretty well here, don´t you find? 😉IMG_2057 IMG_2053 IMG_2106For starters we had ajvar, similar to the Romanian zacusca, boeuf salad (actually with chicken), lots of cookies and tortilla and wine.IMG_2107 IMG_2118 In the evening we walked to the pier, past the old wooden houses, the white forrest flowers and the empty corn fields. It was a pleasant sight and we barely met anybody else. IMG_2127 IMG_2172 IMG_2200Dinner was fish in a tomato sauce, roast potatoes and some more of that yummy wine. And we slowed down by the fireplace with Sam, telling each other good night stories. 😉IMG_2227 IMG_2237 IMG_2248 IMG_2256 After a hearty breakfast, we worked a little bit in the garden, raking leaves and planting summer flowers. I mostly went about here and there, trying not to be too much in the way. 😉 Lazy dog!

IMG_2264 IMG_2278 IMG_2279After many play sessions, we wrapped it up around 4 and drove back to the city to an evening of Asian soup and The Wire. Thanks for having us, Cristina! 😉 You were such a lovely host! 😉

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