Norway on Sunny Days

Thought I´d throw in a couple of pictures of my adopted country in good weather, since it started snowing today and it got me into a seriously bad mood. To think I was sure the spring was already here! I´m so good at deceiving myself!;-)


Senja, Norway´s second largest island, in Northern Norway. Spectacular beauty.

Summer in Northern Norway can bring you anything between 10 and 30 degrees. The nature however is drop dead gorgeous.

Deserted houses along the winding roads.

Thailand? No, Norway! The only difference is  the water temperature. 😉


The colorful street, Stavanger, Western Norway.

Sola Beach, just outside Stavanger.

A lonely cabin by the shore, Sola beach.


One thought on “Norway on Sunny Days

  1. Lovely photos.
    Scandinavia is the one place in Europe I’ve not been. Slovaki? Check. Norway? Nope. I really need to go. Are the prices are high as I read about? That’s always been the mental block for me.

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